CIBS is a Romanian consulting firm specialized in risk management, ITO services, business intelligence and strategic security. We help companies, corporations, and public and private organizations to manage internal and external threats or any destabilizing factor. Having comprehensive information and an analytical perspective is crucial for clients during the decision-making process. With our collaboration, our clients are one step ahead when dealing with contingencies.


Organizations, Multinationals, Private Companies, State Companies are moving to CIBS when they need quick and accurate responses to investigation, response to cyber incidents, internal threats, litigation, regulations, confidentiality, risk management, and other key challenges. Our solutions combine advanced technology with the extensive expertise of our global team of experts. We bring data to life with clarity and intelligence to resolve critical business issues, reduce crime, and secure and manage information. Our portfolio of consulting services includes leadership management, organizational performance, cultural competency, data exploitation, emerging markets risk mitigation strategies, professional development education and training, and cyber solutions. Throughout, our single aim is to ensure we achieve sound and measurable results we can be proud of.