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Cyber Security Solutions

Cybersecurity from CIBS is designed to address the complex and varied needs of organizations regarding cybersecurity. This involves a range of integrated services and solutions tailored specifically to each organization to protect them against increasingly sophisticated cyber threats. Here’s a more detailed analysis of these aspects:

    • Detailed Security Assessments: CIBS conducts thorough audits and evaluations of the organization’s IT infrastructure and existing security policies. These assessments identify any vulnerabilities and security gaps, providing a solid foundation for developing personalized security strategies.
    • Implementation and Management of Security Solutions: Based on the assessment results, CIBS recommends and implements security technology solutions such as firewalls, intrusion detection systems, data loss prevention systems, antivirus and anti-malware solutions, encryption, multi-factor authentication, and others. These solutions are managed and regularly updated to ensure their long-term effectiveness.
    • Continuous Monitoring and Incident Response: The CIBS team monitors the organization’s IT infrastructure in real-time to detect and prevent cyber threats. Any incidents or suspicious activities are immediately investigated, and the CIBS team responds quickly to neutralize the threat and minimize any damage.
    • Training and Awareness: CIBS provides specialized training for the organization’s staff on cybersecurity practices. This includes education on cyber threats, phishing techniques, sensitive data protection, and best practices in cybersecurity. A well-informed and aware workforce is a crucial element in cybersecurity efforts.
    • Development and Implementation of Security Policies: CIBS assists the organization in developing and implementing robust cybersecurity policies and procedures that comply with relevant industry regulations and standards. These policies establish clear guidelines for secure technology use and protect the organization’s assets against cyber threats.

Through these comprehensive and adaptable services, CIBS aims to provide organizations with a high level of protection against cyber threats, allowing them to conduct their activities with peace of mind and focus on achieving their business objectives.

The benefits of CIBS' security management consulting service


  1. Cost efficiency
  2. Technical expertise
  3. Flexibility – The service can be scaled and customized to current objectives, allowing organizations to increase or decrease workload as needed.
  4. Objectivity – Our consultant is not constrained by the internal politics of the client’s organization and will provide objective recommendations and guidance on security matters.
  5. Risk management
  6. Training – Our specialists have the necessary experience and expertise to carry out all their security management activities effectively. Your organization will have no training costs for this role. Our consultants can ensure your organization’s employees are aware of security best practices.
  7. Crisis Management – In the event of a security breach, our consultant helps manage the incident and ensure a quick and effective response.
  1. Decision support, efficiency and traceability through the use of our security management software – Our consulting service may include, at your option, a license of our security management software application, ISAM, which ensures:
    • Management of assets, services and business processes
    • Compliance: Monitors adherence to various regulatory standards, best practices and organizational security policies.
    • Vulnerability management: Shows a clear picture of your security landscape, with lists of vulnerabilities, remediation recommendations, historical data from periodic scans, as well as the representation of the evolution of your security score based on the identified vulnerabilities and their severity.
    • Management of security policies
    • Security risk analysis and management: management of security threats, non-conformity situations and exceptions.
    • Management of security events and incidents
    • Security Indicator Management: Ensures the definition and tracking of key performance indicators (KPIs), key risk indicators (KRIs) and overall trends of the organization’s security posture.
    • Dashboard reporting and tracking, providing an overview of security levels.

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